Apply for the IDEX California – Path 3

Path 3 is a streamlined and cost saving path, for Candidates who have previously passed a national design exam, to become certified after successfully passing the IDEX California®.

Path 3 Candidates must provide proof of passing one of the following examinations, to qualify:

ARE       CQRID       LEED-AP       NCBDC       NCIDQ       NKBA-CKBD       RIDQC*

*Must Also Have 2 Years Diversified Work Experience.

  • Registration Deadline for the Spring IDEX California® Examination is March 1st
  • Registration Deadline for the Fall IDEX California® Examination is August 1st

Application Process

IDEX California Exam Information

IDEX Study Materials

The “Official” IDEX® California Study Guide
A free, 28-page booklet prepared by CCIDC.

Provides background information on the IDEX® California
exam, including the schedule, rules, release of results,
exam format, content, sample questions and an FAQ
(not intended to be a ‘study manual’).

Third-party classes and materials


Online Class

by Deni Mosser, CID

The Original IDEX CA Prep Class

On-Line and In-Person Classes

by Carol Lamkins, CID


California Codes and Regulations for Interior Designers Resource Manual

California Legislative Coalition for Interior Design (CLCID)

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