General Information

CCIDC Office

365 W Second Ave, Suite 102, Escondido, CA 92025


CCIDC E-Mail Addresses:

CCIDC, Inc. Observes all State and Federal Holidays.

Roze Wiebe – Executive Director

Carley Roden – Certification Coordinator

Certified Interior Designer Payment Policy


  • Two Invoices are sent via mail prior to the CID Expiration Date.
  • The first Invoice is mailed 4 months prior to the expiration date.
  • A discount is offered for 30 days from the date of the first invoice.
  • The discount is a courtesy offered by CCIDC and may be discontinued at any time.
  • Payments received after the 30 days are NOT discount eligible.
  • Renewals will not be processed until the amount in full is received.
  • Payment Plans will only be considered from the first invoice period.
  • Payment plans must be paid in full prior to the expiration date.
  • Contact the CCIDC Office to apply for approval for a payment plan.
  • Emeritus Status does not qualify for discounts or payment plans.
  • Full or partial payments are not eligible for a refund.
  • The second invoice is sent at the beginning of the month of expiration.
  • CCIDC sends email reminders twice before the expiration date.
  • CIDs must update their contact information via the CID Account.
  • CCIDC is NOT responsible for incorrect contact information.
  • Payments received after the expiration date are assessed a late fee.
  • Renewals not complete by the expiration date will result in a delinquent status.
  • After 4 years of delinquency, CIDs will become expired.
  • Expired CIDs must reapply for certification and pass the IDEX Exam.
  • CEU requirements are 50% of the renewal process and must be complete by the expiration date.
  • CID Status will remain Delinquent until all fees are paid in full and CEUs reported to the CID Account.
  • Payment by Visa, Mastercard or Discover are paid through a secure server accessed through the CID Account.
  • Payment/Credit Card information is NOT stored and cannot be reused unless reentered.
  • Credit Card payments are not accepted via phone.
  • Mail payments via check to : CCIDC, Inc. 365 W. Second Ave, Suite 102, Escondido, CA 92025.
  • It is the responsibility of CIDs to make payments in a timely manner, do not wait until the last minute.
  • CCIDC Accepts the following Credit Cards:

Certified Interior Designer Payment Options


Choose your preferred renewal option:

Option #1

2-Year Basic Certification Renewal Fee (Includes ID Card only


Option #2

2-Year Certification Renewal with Digital Image Stamp Fee (Includes ID Card & Digital Image Stamp)


Option #3

2-Year Certification Renewal with Stamp Fee (Includes ID Card & Rubber Stamp)


Option #4

2-Year Certification Renewal with Both Stamps Fee (Includes ID Card, Digital Image Stamp & Rubber Stamp)



If your payment is late by:              The penalty is the sum of:

1 to 10 days *                                             $25 fee penalty + Renewal Option Amount

11 to 30 days *                                           $50 fee penalty + Renewal Option Amount

31 days to 60 days *                                  $75 fee penalty + Renewal Option Amount

61 days to one year *                                 $100 fee penalty + Renewal Option Amount

More than one year *                                 $100 fee penalty + $100 reactivation fee + Renewal Option Amount

* Late # of days past: Expiration Date


Returned Check (NSF) & Returned Credit Card Transactions $40 Fee Non-refundable
Certification – First Time Fees and Renewals $225 – $325 Non-refundable
Certification Reactivation $450 – $525 Non-refundable
CID Certificate Replacement Fee $30 Non-refundable
Identification Card Replacement Fee $25 Non-refundable
Stamp Replacement Fee $50 Non-refundable
Digital Stamp Replacement Fee $25 Non-refundable
Optional IDEX Exam Registration for existing CIDs $450 Non-refundable
IDEX Registration, Application for Certification $500 – $800 *Non-refundable*
Pre Exam Window Transfer Fee $75 Non-refundable
Exam Window Transfer Fee $400 *Non-refundable*
IDEX Retest Fee $400 *Non-refundable*
IDEX “No Show” $450 Non-refundable
*In some emergency situations, a portion of this fee may be refunded; provided request is made and approved within the same calendar year payment was received.*

Overview of the Sunset Review Process

Like all boards and bureaus (including architects and engineers) who are under the purview of the California Dept. of Consumer Affairs (DCA), CCIDC undergoes regular evaluation and review, which is called the sunset review process.

The sunset review process provides a formal opportunity and mechanism for the DCA, the Legislature, the boards and bureaus, interested parties and stakeholders to make recommendations for board and bureau improvements. This is performed on a standard four-year cycle and was mandated by SB 2036 (McCorquodale, Chapter 908, Statutes of 1994).

In Sunset Review, the Law Mandates that the DCA Perform the Following:

  • Provide assistance to the boards and bureaus in preparing their sunset reports
  • Provide testimony at the annual sunset hearings
  • Review the Joint Committee’s findings and recommendations
  • Report its findings and recommendations to the Joint Committee Consistent with the Consumer Affairs Act and the sunset review law
  • Provides the appropriate forum for the Legislature, the boards and bureaus, interested parties and stakeholders, and the Department to facilitate needed changes

The Goal of Sunset Review Focuses on Application Processing and Complaint Handling

Sunset review’s goal is to improve the quality of services provided to consumers. It examines a board’s operations, including application processing and complaint handling to:

  • Ensure that the public’s complaints are handled in a courteous and expeditious manner
  • Ensure the public is informed about any complaints, disciplinary actions, judgments and criminal actions against a licensed (certified) professional
  • Establish appropriate performance measures for each board reviewed

As with all DCA Boards and Bureaus, Every Aspect of CCIDC’s Operation is Reviewed and Monitored 
CCIDC is given a questionnaire of over 300 questions. This initiates the sunset review process for each board and bureau. Highlights of specific evaluative questions regarding applications processing, complaint handling, and operational systems include:

  • Has the board/bureau specified its vision, mission and goals and objectives for its agency?
  • Has the board/bureau been involved in strategic planning, any type of basic self-assessment quality management practices, or reorganization to improve the board’s overall effectiveness and efficiency?
  • Are there any undue delays in approving an application, providing an exam, or in issuing a license or certification?
  • Does the consumer have access to application and licensing or certification information?
  • Are complaints handled in both an expeditious and appropriate manner, either through informal or formal processes? Is there any reduction in complaint handling time-frames, or have time-frames increased?
  • Is complaint information disclosed to the public?
  • How many investigations have been commenced and completed for each year over the past four years, and how many are currently open/pending? What has been the time-frame for these investigations? Has there been a backlog or reductions of outstanding investigation cases?
  • Are investigations, inspections and/or audits handled in both an expeditious and appropriate manner by the board/bureau, through use of their own investigative staff? How accurate are the initial and subsequent decisions on investigations?
  • Have there been any extreme delays in handling of disciplinary cases over the past four years?
  • What disciplinary information is disclosed to the public?

In addition, the initial round of sunset review includes a Consumer Satisfaction Survey, which asks each board and bureau to assess what percentage of consumers are satisfied with the way in which the board handled their complaints.