Apply for the IDEX California – Path 1

Path 1 is for Applicants who meet minimum education or experience-only requirements but who are still in the process of completing the necessary education/work experience, may take the IDEX California® Examination.  After successfully passing the IDEX California® Examination, these candidates must submit the required proof of education/work experience, as listed under the Categories of Certification, in order to complete the certification process.

Minimum Education or Experience-only Requirements:

  1. You are an interior designer or student with 2 years of education (min. 40 “Core” interior design semester units)  or
  2. You are an interior designer or student with more than 5 but less than 8 years of work experience.
  3. RIDQC Exam Candidates, please apply under Path 1 or 2.
  • Registration Deadline for the Spring IDEX California® Examination is March 1st
  • Registration Deadline for the Fall IDEX California® Examination is August 1st

IDEX Exam Dates

Application Process

IDEX California Exam Information