Do interior designers in California have legal recognition?

Interior designers in California have had legal recognition since 1991, and have had the ability to become “certified” interior designers through the Certified Interior Designers Title Act as codified under Chapter 3.9, Section 5800 of the California Business and Professions Code. It is not a mandatory requirement in order to practice interior design, but voluntary, [...]

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Will legal recognition for interior designers expand the scope of practice?

It is impossible for an interior design law to determine the scope of practice. The exemptions contained within the architects and engineers practice acts that determine the minimum standard for practicing architecture or engineering. Within both practice acts there are exemptions (CBPC Sections 5537, 5538, 6737.1 & 6745) that have been in place since 1939, [...]

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Will legal recognition eliminate the need for interior designers to pay architects or engineers to redraw, stamp and sign their work?

As long as interior designers certified or otherwise, design below the minimum standards in compliance with the statutory exemptions that require an architect or engineers oversight, there is no need for a stamp.  The California Building Code in conjunction with the oversight and judgment of the local building official, who has jurisdiction over the project, [...]

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Can the certification board (CCIDC) in California, which is a private company, do whatever it wants?

CCIDC, the California Council for Interior Design Certification, founded 25 years ago by the interior design profession in California after the passage of SB 153, a law that created into statute the legally recognized title of “Certified Interior Designer”.  The Title Act came about in order to protect the right to practice and submit for [...]

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Will legal recognition enable interior designers to act as primary contractors on jobs?

Any interior designer, or any person, who acts as a primary contractor on a project without holding a proper, valid, and current contractor’s license is in violation of State law.  Contractors are also required have proper worker’s compensation insurance for their employees, be bonded and display their license numbers at all times.  You do not [...]

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Will legal recognition permit interior designers to bid on State and Federal projects requiring “Registered/Licensed/Certified” design professionals?

Most, if not all State and Federal projects require a licensed architect or engineer as the “Prime” professional and the interior designer works as a consultant to the prime. They do not need to be licensed, registered or certified as the license of the prime professional trumps all others.  There is no Federal law requiring [...]

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Can interior designers provide construction administration, and is it their role to ensure that contractors build within the local and national building codes?

Yes, interior designers can provide construction observance and administration services on behalf of their clients. However, unless the submitted plans conform to local and national building codes the local building officials will not approve them, for permit purposes and therefore cannot be used for construction. Once construction starts, only the local building inspector ensures that [...]

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Have interior design laws been enacted in 27 States?

No, there are not restrictions on interior designers through licensing laws in 27 states; only three (3) states that have some form of restrictive or mandatory licensing. These are Nevada, Louisiana and Florida. Florida’s licensing is for commercial work only as residential work is unrestricted. POLITIFACT/Florida All other States that have interior design regulatory acts [...]

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Does California have “self-certification”?

No, California has a Certified Interior Designers Title Act under Chapter 3.9, Section 5800 of the California Business and Professions Code. Nowhere in the statute (Section 5800) does it refer to the title “Certified Interior Designer” as “self-certification”, nor can anybody “self-certify” himself or herself in California, only CCIDC can certify you as a “Certified [...]

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Am I a member of CCIDC?

You are not a member! Once you become a “Certified Interior Designer”, the title conferred on you in accordance with the Certified Interior Designers Title Act. CCIDC is not a “membership” organization; rather the organization responsible for administering the requirements of the Certified Interior Designers Title Act under Chapter 3.9, Section 5800 of the California [...]

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