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California Council for Interior Design Certification
Provides for the protection, health, safety and welfare of the public by administering the California Certified Interior Designer Title Act.

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School and Design Firm Presentations

CCIDC school presentations on IDEX and Certification

Certification is the only legally recognized credential in California.
At our presentations, CCIDC explains certification for interior designers and the IDEX California
® exam.

New! - $100 Discount Certificate
for Students and Designers applying under Path 1 or 2 (see below)

Schedule a free Certification / IDEX
® Presentation for your

        • School
        • Design Firm
        • Architectural firm
        • Professional Design Association

Presentation Topics Include:

        • The history of Certification
        • Requirements to become a CID
        • The process to become certified
        • Certification as it relates to a career in design
        • Open Q&A period - Allow 90 minutes total
        • Ethics and Business Practices **

** The optional Ethics and Business Practices seminar can
be included with the Certification presentation.
Schedule one 120 minute presentation or two separate 60 minute presentation dates.**

CIDs in attendance will receive CCIDC CEU credit.

contact us to schedule a presentation, or to receive more information.

$100 Discount Certificate Available for Students and Other Participants
(for Path 1 and 2)
The board has approved the distribution of a $100.00 discount certificate to any students (or professional designers) who attend a presentation on certification (at their school or office) which includes information on the IDEX® California exam. These special discount certificates will only be available at school or office presentations and will be issued by the presenter. Please do not call or e-mail CCIDC for them.

Students are encouraged to request our certification and IDEX presentations with their faculty so CCIDC can come to your school to provide a presentation.

This discount certificate is also available to professional interior designers either working in design or architecture firms who arrange for a design presentation for us to speak.

In these presentations you will be able to receive your $100 discount certificate which will be redeemable for designers who will apply for certification under Path 1 or 2. The discount will be effective on your total registration fee when you apply for certification and register for the IDEX exam. The fee for Path 1 or 2 is normally $525 ($375 IDEX + $150 application fee) and when you redeem your certificate, your total fee will only be $425.

Each individual certificate will be numbered and assigned only to you. Discount certificates are nontransferable, and they will have 2 year expiration date (from date of issue). You will be able to redeem your certificate when you register and send in your signed Code of Ethics form. These certificates are valuable, just like a $100.00 bill.


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