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CCIDC announces IDEX® California, our new “single” certification examination for interior designers.

The California Council for Interior Design Certification (CCIDC) is pleased to announce that beginning in 2009 there will be a new “single” examination for interior designers in California in order to become a “Certified Interior Designer”.

The new exam is IDEX
® California

For approximately the past eight years, anyone wishing to become a Certified Interior Designer has been required to take and pass one of the three recognized national examinations, namely the CQRID, the NCIDQ, or both parts of the NKBA, plus a supplemental California Codes and Regulations Examination, the CCRE. Prior to eight years ago, only one national examination was recognized. These examinations were in addition to education and experience requirements spelled out in Section 5800 of the Business & Professions Code.

Since 2000, all examinations that CCIDC accepts are subject to Section 139 of the California Business and Professions Code which establishes a policy that sets minimum requirements for psychometrically sound examination validation, examination development, and occupational analyses, including standards for sufficient number of test items. It also requires an assessment of the appropriateness of prerequisites for admittance to the examination.

The purpose of IDEX® California is to bring the California certification examination in line with Section 139 of the California Business and Professions Code and to make it available to those who fall under the three categories of education and experience under the law, as well as to those with “experience only”.

Faced with changing building codes and the necessity to update the California Codes and Regulations Examination (CCRE),  the timing is appropriate to undertake this change.  The CCIDC board has determined it is in the best interest of California interior designers to transition to one encompassing and inclusive examination that would be available to all potential candidates including graduating students. Candidates and students passing the examination will still need to meet all the other requirements in order to become a Certified Interior Designer.

IDEX® California will replace the CCRE and the three national examinations. IDEX® California will be available online at multiple examination sites across the state starting in 2009. CCIDC has prepared answers to the most
frequently asked questions on the new exam.

If you are interested in taking IDEX and want to receive news on study materials, upcoming dates, etc.,
please fill in this form.

IDEX® California is a big project to develop and pay for. CCIDC is seeking donations to help offset this expense. If you are looking for ways to reduce your tax liability and help the interior design profession in California, we are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, so all your donations for IDEX® California are tax-deductible.

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posted March 6, 2008;
revised Aug.10, 2008
revised October 11, 2008
revised December 17, 2008


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