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“Public protection through examination and Certification”

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Become a Certified Interior Designer


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How to Apply for Certification and the IDEX California®

1. QUALIFICATION PROCESS (Must meet one of the following criteria):



Path 1 is for students and designers who currently qualify to take the IDEX California® only.

Path 1

(A) Have a minimum of 40 Core Units from – the equivalent of a completed two-year accredited interior design program, OR

Be an interior designer with more than 5 but less than 8 years of diversified interior design experience.

Under Path #1 you are Eligible to take the IDEX California
®. After passing the IDEX California®, CCIDC will hold your test results until such time as you meet one of the Path 2 or 3 categories A, B, C, or D to be approved as a CID.

Paths 2 & 3 are for designers who meet the requirements to take the IDEX California®
and Certify.

Path 2

(A) Have a minimum of 80 Core Units from – (the equivalent of a completed four or five-year degree/certificate) accredited interior design degree program, and has two years of diversified interior design experience.

(B) Have a minimum of 60 Core Units from – (the equivalent of a completed three-year degree/certificate) accredited interior design certificate program, and has completed three years of diversified interior design experience.

(C) Have a minimum of 40 Core Units from – (the equivalent of a completed two-year degree/certificate) accredited interior design program and has completed four years of diversified interior design experience.

(D) Have at least eight years of interior design education, or at least eight years of diversified interior design experience, or a combination of interior design education and diversified interior design experience that together total at least eight years.
Diversified interior design experience
The phrase "diversified interior design experience" is defined as the preparation, or instruction in the preparation, of nonstructural or non-seismic plans which are of sufficient complexity so as to require the skills of a licensed contractor to implement them, and includes programming, planning, designing, and documenting the construction and installation of nonstructural or non-seismic elements, finishes and furnishings within the interior spaces of  a building, and encompasses the competency to protect and enhance the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

Diversified Interior Design Experience is based upon full-time experience
(36 hours or more per week, 52 weeks per year).

1 Year = 1,872 Hours+
2 Years = 3,744 Hours+
3 Years = 5,616 Hours+
4 Years = 7,488 Hours+
5 Years = 9,360 Hours+
8 Years = 14,976 Hours+

We do accept architectural education and experience as well.

Path 3

Path 3 If you possess any one of the following examinations:
NKBA (Must have both CKD and CBD portions)

CCIDC will accept proof of your design examination as validation of your education and work experience; you will have already provided proof of this information to the testing agency when you took your examination. We will still need your application filled out under Path 3 with your education and work experience listed, a signed Code of Ethics, proof of passage of your specific examination, and you will need to take and pass the IDEX California
® examination for the reduced fee of $425.00.


Complete and submit the appropriate application and corresponding documentation for the Path that best fits your description (see links below).

Be certain to READ AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS EXPLICITLY any items not received by the deadline will not be considered until the next testing period, NO exceptions. It is solely your responsibility to ensure your completed application packet is received prior to the deadline date. Your testing and application fees are due at the time you apply, (these fees do NOT include your certification fees; those will be required at a later date.)

You should receive a confirmation notice once we receive your application packet, if you do not hear from us within 3 days call the office. We are not responsible for lost mail/email.


The IDEX California® is given each year throughout the months of May and October.
If you wish to sit for the exam in May, completed application packets must be received by
March 1st. If you wish to sit for the exam in October, completed application packets must be received by August 1st.

We accept paperwork year-round, and any paperwork received after the deadline date will result in application being scheduled for the following testing period. The date, time and location of the exam will be your choice once your application has been approved, and you have been notified by the testing center via NOTICE TO SCHEDULE email. There are many testing centers located throughout California, the US and Worldwide.



Once you have passed the IDEX California® your information will be sent to the CCIDC Compliance Committee for further verification.

If you have applied under Path 1,  your file will be held until you provide proof to CCIDC that you have met one of the four Path 2 categories A, B, C, or D (see above)


Once you have passed compliance, you will be prompted to pay your first two years fees for certification. You are NOT certified until your fees have been paid and you receive your Certification Number. You will receive an Information Binder, Certificate, Verification Letter that contains your CID#, and approximately 8 – 12 weeks later your ID Card and Stamp.

6. FEES:

Path 1 & 2 Application/IDEX Fee $525.00
Path 3 Application/IDEX Fee $425.00
Bi-Annual Certification Fee $250.00

If you believe you meet the eligibility requirements
and would like to apply for certification,
select the appropriate link below to get started.

Apply Under Path 1 Here


Apply Under Path 2 Here


Apply Under Path 3 Here

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