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Provides for the protection, health, safety and welfare of the public by administering the California Certified Interior Designer Title Act.

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Green Interiors, Sustainable Design and 
Healthy Indoor Environments

There are many web sites that provide overviews of green/sustainable design and have links to more in-depth information. The following provide just a starting point. If you have a favorite green site that is not on this list please let us know.

Green Government   General       Newsletters       Life Cycle Analysis Tools       Case Studies  


Beverly Hills Adopts Green Building Ordinance

CBSC Adopts Green Building Standards
The California Building Standards Commission (CBSC) announced the unanimous adoption of the
nation’s first statewide green building code. The code will lead to improved energy efficiency and reduced water consumption in all new construction throughout the state‚ while also reducing the carbon footprint of every new structure in California. (Adopted July 17, 2008)

Department of Energy

Department of Energy - Energy Efficiency Publications

Green California Summit & Expo

Federal Trade Commission ­ Bureau of Consumer Protection
These web pages connect you to FTC resources on energy labeling for consumer products, retail sales of electricity, environmental marketing claims, insulation and home energy issues, and fuel and automotive products.



American Institute of Architects Committee On the Environment
An overview of AIA activities relative to green design.

Architects, Designers, Planners for Social Responsibility (ADPSR)
ADPSR’s efforts are directed towards arms reduction, protection of the natural and built environment and socially responsible development.

ASID+U.S. Green Building Council
A 12 MB - 182 page .pdf  on"green" residential remodeling

BEES (Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability)
Based on consensus standards and designed to be practical, flexible, and transparent, the free software is a powerful tool for balancing the environmental and economic performance of building products. Developed by the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Building and Fire Research Laboratory with support from the U.S. EPA Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program and the White House-sponsored Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH). The windows-based software includes actual environmental and economic performance data for 65 building products.

BuildingGreen, Inc.
This web-based company provides green building case studies and over 1,800 green building products organized by standard CSI divisions.

Carpet and Rug Institute
The Carpet and Rug Institute has developed “Green Label Testing Programs” to aid in the selection of carpet, adhesives and cushion materials.

Environmental Construction + Design - Green Book
Environmental Construction + Design offers a print magazine and an online green product and resource guide.

Environmental Building News
Website offers an online archive of articles from the Environmental Building News, plus many links for such resources as newsgroups, products, publications and a calendar of events.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
FSC provides independent auditing, certification and the promotion of certified forest products under the SmartWood name.

Green Builder Magazine
A magazine focused exclusively on residential sustainable development.
THEIR GREEN BUILDING PYRAMID modeled after the familiar food pyramid used for decades by the USDA, breaks down the complex choices facing people who want to improve the energy performance and resource efficiency of their houses.
Shades of green are used to depict the impact of the options presented, from deep green (which represents high impact choices that can be selected during the construction process) to light green (which represents items that can be added to a home once it has been constructed).
Download the Pyramid pdf  

Green Building Sourcebook
Links and directories for green building professionals and other information.

Green Spec
Green Spec is BuildingGreen’s premiere product information service. It contains detailed listings for more than 1,500 green building products with environmental data, manufacturer information and links to additionalresources.

Greenguard Environmental Institute
Greenguard provides a guide to third-party, certified low-emitting interior products and building materials (registration required).

Green Seal Certified Products
Green Seal is an independent, nonprofit organization that identifies and promotes green products and services.

Good To Be Green
This free directory of sustainable products and accredited green building professionals contains resources for both residential and commercial builders.

International Institute for Sustainable Development
Website of a multi-disciplinary consultancy that promotes a sustainable future. Provides links to in-depth reports on global issues relating to sustainable design (See Architecture & Design link).

LEED Commercial Interiors (CI) Overview

OIKOS Green Building Source
Website dedicated to sustainable and energy-efficient construction: Green Building News, Products Database, Product Gallery, Energy Source Builder Newsletter (books, videos, software and product guides to help you make buildings energy efficient and envionmentally friendly).

The NRDC Greening Advisor
NRDC's in-depth guide gives you the tools you need to bring your business into the green era.

Natural Resources Defense Council
Website of the Natural Resources Defense Council containing activist information.

Rocky Mountain Institute
The Rocky Mountain Institute is a pre-eminent, non-profit organization with a comprehensive website that fosters efficient and restorative use of resources to create a more secure, prosperous, and life-sustaining world.

Southface Energy Institute
Atlanta based Southface Energy Institute has earned a national reputation for its education and research in energy, building science and environmental technologies (homebuilding overview).

Sustainable Buildings Industry Council
A non-profit organization, advancing the design, affordability, energy performance, and environmental soundness of residential, institutional, and commercial buildings (high performance school buildings).

Sustainable Communities Network
The home page of the Sustainable Communities Network is a good starting point for learning about the many dimensions and integrative nature of building sustainble communities – a big picture overview.

We Can Solve It
The We Campaign is a project of The Alliance for Climate Protection, a nonprofit, nonpartisan effort. No single person will stop global warming, but by working together, we can make it a priority for government and business.

Whole Building Design Guide
This website is offered as assistance to building professionals by the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) with participation from other government agencies (whole building design techniques and technologies).

US Green Building Council (USGBC)
Coalition of leaders from across the building industry who are working to promote buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable, and healthy places to live and work. USGBC develops design guidelines, policy positions, educational tools, and industry standards­including the LEED™ Rating System­that support the adoption of sustainable design and building practices.

USGBC Courses

USGBC Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design™ (LEED) Rating System Products



Environmental Design and Construction
Free subscription newsletter.

Environ Design Journal
Subscription newsletter of Interiors & Sources magazine devoted to green design.

Greenbuzz News
Free subscription, bi-weekly newsletter covering broad green topics.

The focus of Green@Work is pro-business and positive. Its goal is to reinforce sustainable initiatves by sharing success stories and profiling the individuals who are making it happen (good overview).

Life Cycle Analysis Tools

International Design Center for the Environment
IDCE is a non-profit organization that promotes community sustainability and develops and disseminates tools for scientifically robust and efficient lifecycle analysis of common materials.

LBLN High Performance Commercial Building Systems
The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is developing a set of life cycle cost tools for improving commercial building performance.

Whole Building Design Guide - Life Cycle Tools
The Whole Building Design Guide, developed by the National Institute of Building Sciences, provides a variety of life cycle cost and assessment tools.

Federal Energy Management Program
Here is an additional resource for downloading software developed by the National Institute of Building Sciences Building Life-Cycle Cost programs.

Case Studies

American Institute of Architects
Detailed case studies of the winners the AIA/COTE Green Project Awards.

Building Concerns - Northern California Resource Directory
More than 40 self-reported case studies of commercial green buildings in Northern California.
Nearly 200 case studies of green buildings, including LEED-certified projects (paid subscription is required).

Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center
Case study links for different types of green buildings nationwide.

U. S. Department of Energy High Performance Building Database
Nearly 80 case studies of high-performance buildings worldwide showcasing energy efficiency and other green strategies.

EPA Energy Star
Case studies for nearly 200 commercial Energy Star-qualified buildings.

U. S. Green Building Council - LEED
Completed LEED point checklists for numerous certified projects nationwide, including several detailed case studies.



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