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News for Certified Interior Designers

Breaking news on the 2009 Certification Exam
The new exam has been named! It is now called the "IDEX CALIFORNIA".
IDEX stands for interior design examination. We will refer to it as the "IDEX".

The IDEX will now be the only examination required to fulfill the examination portion of the certification process in California. No longer will we require the combination of the CCRE and one of the three national examinations (CQRID, NCIDQ, NKBA).
Exam Development Task Force
The exam task force is comprised of 12 subject matter experts
who have already met on on August 23rd and 24th at a hotel in Costa Mesa, CA along with Castle Worldwide (the psychometricians who are developing the IDEX). The task force has already completed the classification phase of the examination (scroll down to see the IDEX Classification System).

The next task force meeting will be November 15-16 and the item (question) writing process will be developed.
The exam task force experts are (listed alphabetically):
Marie Cooley, CID, Educator
Isam Hasenin, P.E. CBO
Holly Hodnick, CID, IDEC, Educator
Brian Kaneko, CID, Educator
Edward Kweskin, Licensed Contractor
Carol Lamkins, CID, ASID, CMKBD
Helene Lindquist, CID, CBD, CKD
Mary Mendenhall, CID, NKBA
Deborah Ogden, CID, IFDA, Educator
Rayne Sherman, CID, FIIDA, CSI
Bill Tuell, CID, Licensed Architect,
David Zinnen, Long Beach Fire Department
The cost to take the IDEX will be $300.00 plus a $75.00 testing center fee to be paid to the testing center at the time the exam is being taken. It will be an online only examination and will be given for a month in the Spring (April/May) and a month in the Fall (October).

To take the IDEX, candidates will first have to apply to become a CID in order to have their education or work experience verified. The minimum requirements to take the IDEX will be two years (40 Semester Units or 60 quarter credits) of interior design education (not including general subjects) or 5 years (9,000 hours) of diversified interior design working experience.

Passing the IDEX will not make you a CID, you will still have to meet one of the four
codified categories.


Domain 1:  California Code and Regulations

A. Administration
a. Applicable Codes and code differences
b. Building and Fire Department Responsibilities
c. Other Agencies (e.g., Industrial Waste, Health, County, State)
d. Zoning Planning

B. Occupancy
e. Means and Methods
f. Separation
g. Type

C. Construction Types
h. Allowable Height and Area
i. Allowable Materials
j. Types of Construction

D. Fire Resistive Requirements
k. Penetrations and Opening Protection
l. Practical Code Application
m.Types of Assemblies

E. Interior Finish
n.Decorative materials
o.Interior floor finish
q.Wall and ceiling finish

F. Means of Egress
r. Components of Egress (e.g., Exit, Exit Access, Exit Discharge (Existing))
s. Implementation
t. Occupant Load
u.Travel Distance

G. Accessibility
v.Commercial Accessibility
w.National and State Standards
x.Residential Accessibility

H. Building Systems
y.Alarm (e.g., Fire Systems-Pull Stations, Smoke Detectors, Fire Life Safety)
z.Building Certification
  aa. Electrical-Accessibility, Title 24, (e.g., Min.space requirements for electrical room, panels)
  bb. Energy Conservation CA Title 24- Part 8
  cc. Fire Sprinklers (e.g., Based on Occupancy)
  dd. Green Building Regulations
  ee. Mechanical (e.g., Separation, Penetrations, Consequences)
  ff.  Plumbing (e.g., Fixture Count based on Occupancy)

I. (open)

J. Miscellaneous
gg. Emergency Egress Windows
   hh. Glazing
   ii. Interior Environment (e.g., ventilation, Acoustical-Sound Transmission)
   jj. Interior Space Dimensions (e.g., Coordination with Systems, Lights, Structural Elements)
   kk.Smoke Detectors

Domain 2:  Business Practices and Ethics

1. Professional Ethics
a. Behavior and Responsibility
b. Code of Ethics toward Client
c. Normal and Reasonable Charges for Services and Products

2. Legal Issues in California
a. Civil Code
b. Contractors License
c. Sales Tax
d. Three-day rescission clause

3. Contractual Issues between Client and Design Professional
a. Arbitration
b. Breach of Contract
c. Drawing Reference Construction Documents
d. Litigation
e. Payments to Design Profession
f .Scope of Work Components of the Contract
g. Specifications Scope of Work
h. Time Line

4. Business Procedures
a. Accounting
b .Attorneys
c .Engineering
d .Insurance Business Formations
e. Liability
f. Technical and Business Consultants

Domain 3:  Design Standards

1. Design Theory
a. Element and Principles

2. Human Factors
a. Anthropometrics
b. Ergonomics
c. Lighting
d .Universal design (e.g., non-code based)

3. Design Phase
a .Conceptual and Schematic
b. Cost Estimating
c .Programming
d. Space Planning

4. Contract Documents
a. Bidding procedures
b. Construction drawings
c. Construction specifications and finishes

5. Contract Administration Process
a. Change Order
b. Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE)
c. Project Observation
d. Punch List
e. Request For Information (RFI)
f .Shop Drawings
g. Submittal Review

6. Furnishings, Fixtures, and Equipment
a. Commercial Standards
b. Residential Standards
c. Selection of Furnishings, Fixtures, and Equipment

7. Environmental
a .Acoustics
b .Indigenous materials
c. Indoor Air Quality
d .Sustainable materials

More information on IDEX
To receive news on the 2009 IDEX dates, study materials, etc, fill in this form . This is a separate list only for those interested in taking the new exam.

- For LATEST details, read the above information. 
- We will soon be updating this page:
- Read our
FAQ on the new exam  
- Study Guides are not yet available for IDEX.
- See our
Donors List for IDEX

If you are planning to take one of the national exams for any other reason, such as becoming a "Professional member” of an association such as ASID or IIDA, or for regulatory reasons in another state, then you should continue on that path. You will still have to take and pass the IDEX to become a Certified Interior Designer in California.

We recently gave a seminar on the IDEX to Orange Coast College students and are planning one for Westwood College in Torrance in early October and Berkeley in early November. Any schools wishing to arrange a presentation on the new IDEX certification examination and requirements for interior design certification should contact the CCIDC office.

News on our Color Trends CEU in Burbank
70 interior designers, architects, educators and design students attended Zara Stender's CCIDC-presented CEU seminar, Color Trends for 2008 through 2010, plus Psychology of Color, held following the CCIDC board meeting in Burbank September 20. The attendance was beyond our expectations, and everyone learned a great deal from Zara's entertaining and informative two-hour presentation.  And we learned that there is a tremendous demand for her color seminar, so we'll be presenting Ms. Stender and her color seminar after board meetings around the state during the coming year.

We are planning another Color Trends CEU in San Diego on January 24th, 2009 at the Hilton Hotel in Mission Bay. This is where the next board meeting will be held, and then Orange County on May 2nd, 2009 and San Francisco on September 19th, 2009. There may be other locations which will be announced later. The costs will be $30 for early registration; $40 at the door.

Add ‘n track your CEU’s  - It’s easy, fun and it’s free!
Here’s a great way for you to report your CEU’s (and your Change of Address) to CCIDC.
No more $12.00 reporting fees to other organizations!.

Create your own CEU Registry. You provide a login name and password, then you can access your account 24/7.  Your account keeps all your CEU courses in one place, so you’ll never have to wonder how many you’ve taken.

Register today for your free account! It takes one minute, and you can enter your CEUs later.  You can even enter CEUs that you’ve taken since 1995. 

Below is a sample view of a typical account:

Partial view of inside the CEU Registry)

Did you know? If you are a member of a design organization, you can report your CEU’s directly to them for no charge.  CIDs are required to have 1.0 credit (10 hours) for every two years of Certification (equiv. to .5 credits = 5 hours each year). Catch up on your CEU’s by taking some of these free or low cost courses - many are offered online.

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