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CCIDC’S Sunset Review Oversight Hearing Date
is set for March 6, 2017

The Senate Committee on Business, Professions and Economic Development and the Assembly Committee on Business and Professions, collectively “the Committees”, will hold joint sunset review oversight hearings on February 27 and March 6 in Rooms 4203 of the State Capitol starting at 9:00 a.m. 

The Committees are the standing committees of the Legislature that have oversight jurisdiction over the Department of Consumer Affairs (Department) and all agencies and entities under the Department.  It is the responsibility of the Committees to: review the laws and regulations pertaining to a board and evaluating its programs and policies; determine whether the board operates and enforces its regulatory responsibilities and is carrying out its statutory duties mandated by the Legislature and; examine fiscal management practices and financial relationships with other agencies. Through sunset review, we also evaluate whether entities under the Committees’ jurisdiction are meeting key performance measures and targets related to the timeliness of action, enforcement and other necessary efforts to serve the needs of California consumers while promoting government efficiency and effectiveness.

The following boards are scheduled for review this year, and are listed in order of appearance before the Committees:

February 27

Board of Chiropractic Examiners
Physical Therapy Board of California
California State Board of Optometry
Department of Consumer Affairs
Medical Board of California
Osteopathic Medical Board of California
State Board of Guide Dogs for the Blind 

March 6

Naturopathic Medicine Committee
Respiratory Care Board of California
California Board of Registered Nursing
Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensers Board
California Board of Occupational Therapy
Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians 
California Council for Interior Design Certification

The following is a tentative outline of the agenda, subject to change, for each board, program or committee reviewed:

A.   Board Presents Short “Overview” of the Current Regulatory Program (5 minutes)
B.   Board Response to Issues, Problem Areas, Questions and Staff Recommendations (20 minutes)
C.   Public Comment (15 minutes)
D.   Comment by Professional Individuals, Groups or Associations (15 minutes)
E.   Any Closing Comments by the Board (5 minutes)

For complete information on these Senate hearings, download the
entire Senate Memorandum

CCIDC’s Sunset Review Report

On March 6, 2017, CCIDC will go before the Senate “Sunset Review Committees” to discuss the history, function and activities of the CCIDC board and our current composition, who we certify and the number of interior designers who are certified. We will offer a brief description of our budget and any other information we consider relevant to provide an introduction to our board. We will also discuss what major changes have taken place since our last sunset review and present our response to issues and/or questions raised by the Committee staff.

Download CCIDC’s Sunset Review report
here. (12 MB .pdf)

Find out more information about CCIDC’s Sunset Reviews here

In case you missed it: Issue #5 -
Capitol Information for Designers

A Warning for all CIDs!
Contracts per B&P Section 5807

Please make sure you are familiar with Section 5807 of the California Business and Professions Code and comply with it. 

- - 5807 is the section within the Certified Interior Designer statute that covers contracts or letters of agreement with clients. This section became effective January 2014 after our last sunset review and specifically mentions a number of items that are required in a contract between a CID and a client.

We know from experience that many CIDs either have not read this section of the law, or choose to ignore it. To do so is at your own peril. In the unfortunate situation that you get into a dispute with a client and you have not complied with Section 5807, attorneys for your client may use it against you.

They will cite that by not having followed the law that applies to your particular profession that you are in breach of your contract or agreement and therefore not entitled to any payments under that contract or agreement. The contract would in their opinion be void and unenforceable. Of course this would be up to the court or arbitrator to decide, however why run the risk of having this used against you?

The purpose of Section 5807 is to protect the public, but just as importantly to protect you the designer, as long as you follow the law.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Read Section 5807 and understand it.
  2. Review your contract or letter of agreement and evaluate it to see if it differs materially from this section of the law.
  3. We strongly recommend you consult an attorney to ensure your contract complies with Section 5807.
  4. Never rely on oral agreements; they may not hold up in a court of law.
  5. Always get a signed agreement before starting any work.
  6. Always follow your agreement and do not make any changes without the written approval of your client.
  7. If your client wants to makes changes to your services then get a new agreement or a change order in writing.

Where do I find a good contract or agreement? - - We cannot encourage you enough to consult with an attorney and use Section 5807 as a guide to draft a suitable contract or letter of agreement. This is your best course of action.

Alternatively, another good source for contracts might be your interior design association if you belong to one. If you do not belong to an association one of the best sources is a book titled “Professional Practice for Interior Designers” by Christine M. Piotrowski published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Chapter 24 is devoted entirely to “Preparing Design Contract”. This book is an IDEX exam reference book and is used in many  interior design university or college programs, and it contains an enormous amount of valuable information for any interior design practice, far beyond contracts. You should be able to purchase a copy online and you may even find used copies at a discount.

Why doesn’t CCIDC have a contract that CIDs can use? - - We are often asked this question by newer CIDs and our response is that CCIDC is not in the “contract” writing business. We are only the administrator of the CID statute and carry out the function of certifying interior designers in accordance with our title act. CCIDC cannot defend your contract should it come into dispute, only an attorney can do that.

If you have any concerns or questions please
E-mail CCIDC

Errors & Omissions Insurance

CID law Section 5807 a (7) says: A written disclosure stating whether the certified interior designer carries errors  and omissions insurance.

Errors & Omissions insurance is also known as E&O, Professional Liability and/or Malpractice Insurance. This is special coverage which is not part of a General Liability business insurance policy. E&O Insurance will cover a Certified Interior Designer for mistakes (errors or omissions in drawings, specs, etc.) which causes financial harm (loss) to another.

It is not mandatory that CIDs carry E & O insurance, however, it is mandatory that it is disclosed to the client as to whether you have it or not.

To learn more about E&O Insurance and General Liability insurance (which we believe every CID should have at a minimum) please contact your lawyer or insurance agent.

You may also contact the following companies for Errors and Omissions insurance. These companies are referrals by other CIDs, and they are not to be considered endorsements by CCIDC: and

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CCIDC Welcomes Our Newest Public Board Member, David Cardone
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