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April, 2017
News for Certified Interior Designers


Annual Board Meeting in the Bay area
Please join us on Saturday, May 20, 2017
Time:  11 am - 4 pm 
Note time extended to 4 pm. See agenda.
Hilton Oakland Airport
1 Hegenberger Road,
Oakland, CA 94621
(510) 635-5000
Hotel website   Map     Agenda

All CIDs who attend our board meetings will receive a .2 CEU (2 hours)
To receive the CEU, you must sign in and stay to the end of the meeting.

Please attend to hear reports and ask questions of the Board.
Agenda will be posted on the CCIDC website. We look forward to seeing you!

All Board meetings are open to the public, Certified Interior Designers, non certified interior
designers and students.
Minutes from our past board meetings.

The next board meeting will be:
Saturday, September 23, 2017
Los Angeles / Orange County area
Time 11 am - 1 pm

In accordance with the Bagley-Keene  Open Meeting Act, all meetings of the board are open to the public and are  accessible to the physically disabled. A person who needs a disability related accommodation or modification in order to participate in the meeting may make a request by contacting Roze Wiebe at (760) 761-4734,
emailing Roze or sending a written request to the CCIDC Board at the mailing address above. Providing your request at least five business days before the meeting will help to ensure availability of the requested accommodation.

Sunset Review News

As published in our March 28, 2017 Capitol News for Designers Issue #6, CCIDC completed the first and second phases of the Sunset Review process.

Assembly Bill (AB) 426 has been introduced for us to amend Section 5810 which will extend our sunset review period to year 2021. 

Other than this, we have no news on what other issues may be addressed by this bill at this time or whether there will or won't be any further stakeholder meetings. CCIDC has reached out to legislative staff and are still awaiting a response.

You may download CCIDC’s Sunset Review report
here. (12 MB .pdf)

Find out more information about CCIDC’s Sunset Reviews here.

 Contracts for CIDs

Section 5807 of the California Business and Professions Code requires all Certified Interior Designers to have a written contract with their clients. If a CID gets into a dispute with a client and they have not complied with Section 5807, attorneys for your client may use it against you and could withhold payments.

The purpose of Section 5807 is to protect the public, but just as importantly to protect CIDs, as long as you follow the law.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Read Section 5807 and understand it.
  2. Review your contract or letter of agreement and evaluate it to see if it differs materially from this section of the law.
  3. We strongly recommend you consult an attorney to ensure your contract complies with Section 5807.
  4. Never rely on oral agreements; they may not hold up in a court of law.
  5. Always get a signed agreement before starting any work.
  6. Always follow your agreement and do not make any changes without the written approval of your client.
  7. If your client wants to makes changes to your services then get a new agreement or a change order in writing.

Consult with an attorney and use Section 5807 as a guide to draft a suitable contract or letter of agreement. Another good source for contracts are interior design associations or review Chapter 24 “Preparing Design Contracts” of the book titled “Professional Practice for Interior Designers” by Christine M. Piotrowski published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.  This book is an IDEX exam reference book and is used in many interior design education courses, and it contains an enormous amount of valuable information for any interior design practice, far beyond contracts. You should be able to purchase a copy online and you may even find used copies at a discount.

CCIDC does not have a boiler-plate contract that CIDs can use as we only the administrator of the CID statute and carry out the function of certifying interior designers in accordance with our title act. CCIDC cannot defend your contract should it come into dispute, only an attorney can do that.

If you have any concerns or questions on contracts please
E-mail CCIDC

E & O Insurance for CIDs

CID law Section 5807 a (7) says: A written disclosure stating whether the certified interior designer carries errors and omissions insurance.

It is not mandatory that CIDs carry E & O insurance, however, it is mandatory that it is disclosed to the client as to whether you have it or not.

Errors & Omissions insurance (also known as E&O, Professional Liability and/or Malpractice Insurance) is special coverage which is not part of a General Liability business insurance policy. E&O Insurance will cover a Certified Interior Designer for mistakes (errors or omissions in drawings, specs, etc.) which causes financial harm (loss) to another.  To learn more about E&O Insurance and General Liability insurance (which we believe every CID should have at a minimum) please contact your lawyer or insurance agent.

You may also contact the following companies for Errors and Omissions insurance. These companies are referrals by other CIDs, and they are not to be considered endorsements by CCIDC: and

Job openings for CIDs

CID Account

What is it and why all CIDs need one

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California Faucets: Water Saving Solutions for Spa-Like Showers
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and the showerhead technologies that address conservation issues.
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