The practice of a Certified Interior Designer
Must I hire a Certified Interior Designer?
Frequently asked questions
Making your decision
Design fees and project funds
How to find a Certified Interior Designer
Evaluate your project
Your design services contract
Construction & installation
Problems with your project?
How to file a complaint
Complaint form
Code of Ethics
The Law

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 Problems with Your Project?

As a consumer you have a right to receive careful and professional service from the Certified Interior Designer you have hired. Even if you have read and followed this guide and have done everything possible to prevent problems, you may still feel that you have a complaint about your Certified Interior Designer. What should you do?

First, discuss the problem thoroughly and calmly with your Certified Interior Designer. If the Certified Interior Designer is violating your written agreement, review the agreement and other relevant documentation with the Certified Interior Designer to rectify the situation. If you and your designer are unable to settle the problem, your next step should be to call or write the CCIDC.

In addition, if the Certified Interior Designer has violated the
CCIDC’s Code of Ethics, provided in this guide, you have a right to file a complaint against the designer.

CCIDC believes that consumer problems can be minimized by hiring a Certified Interior Designer yet there may be occasion where you have no alternative but to file a complaint.  After we receive your written complaint, we will contact you and  look into the matter on your behalf,  to try to resolve the problem.

While CCIDC has no authority over uncertified interior designers, we may be able to direct you to other means of recourse, such as the Better Business Bureau or Small Claims Court.

What constitutes a complaint?
The CCIDC has the power, duty, and authority to investigate alleged violations of the provisions of
Business and Professions Code, Chapter 3.9, Section 5800 - 5810, CCIDC Rules and Regulations, and the CCIDC Code of Ethics. Certified Interior Designers guilty of violations can have their Certification suspended, be required to attend education classes, or have their Certification permanently revoked.

The CCIDC takes action against Certified Interior Designers for:

  • Fraud in obtaining certification;
  • Impersonation of or use of an assumed or corporate name; a Certified Interior Designer, or use of a Certified Interior Designer's stamp that does not belong to them;
  • Using the Certified Interior Designer appellation or stamp when such has expired;
  • Aiding unlawful practice;
  • Signing others' plans not prepared under their direct supervision or permitting the misuse of their name;.
  • Fraud in the practice of interior design;
  • Negligence or misconduct;
  • Failure to accurately represent qualifications;
  • Conflict of interest; and
  • Incompetence or recklessness.
  • Any violation of the CCIDC Code of Ethics

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