The practice of a Certified Interior Designer
Must I hire a Certified Interior Designer?
Frequently asked questions
Making your decision
Design fees and project funds
How to find a Certified Interior Designer
Evaluate your project
Your design services contract
Construction & installation
Problems with your project?
How to file a complaint
Complaint form
Code of Ethics
The Law

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CCIDC - California Council for Interior Design Certification

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California Council for Interior Design Certification
The standard for interior designers in the State of California
“Public Protection Through Examination and Certification”


Making Your Decision

You may call the CCIDC to verify the certification status of the Certified Interior Designer(s) you are considering to hire. Although a Certified Interior Designer may display a certificate indicating that he or she is certified by CCIDC, it may be invalid if the Certified Interior Designer has not renewed the certificate, has had his or her certification suspended or revoked. The CCIDC, upon written or telephone inquiry, will also inform you of any reportable complaints or disciplinary actions filed against the Certified Interior Designers you are considering hiring.

We also suggest that you check the references that each Certified Interior Designer has given you and ask the following questions:

  • Did the Certified Interior Designer adhere to required schedules and budgets?
  • Were you pleased with the Certified Interior Designer's services and your working relationship with them?
  • Did the Certified Interior Designer listen to your concerns and attempt to resolve them?
  • Would you hire the Certified Interior Designer again?
  • What problems surfaced during the project?

If possible, visit the actual projects the Certified Interior Designers have used as examples of their services.       

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