The practice of a Certified Interior Designer
Must I hire a Certified Interior Designer?
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Making your decision
Design fees and project funds
How to find a Certified Interior Designer
Evaluate your project
Your design services contract
Construction & installation
Problems with your project?
How to file a complaint
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Code of Ethics
The Law

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California Council for Interior Design Certification
The standard for interior designers in the State of California
“Public Protection Through Examination and Certification”


Consumer’s Guide to
Hiring a Certified Interior Designer

Are you thinking about hiring an interior designer? Individuals and businesses in California who want to create or remodel a safe and comfortable environment for their home or place of work usually hire Certified Interior Designers for space planning,  interior design, selection of furnishings, custom cabinetwork design, finish selection, observation of the construction and supervision of the installation for their projects.


The California Council for Interior Design Certification (CCIDC) certifies more than 3,500 interior designers in California to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public by ensuring the professional performance of those designers they certify.

Because of the detailed and specialized nature of interior design work, questions about services or misunderstandings may arise between the consumer and the designer about plans, specifications, schedules, budgets, and the quality of the proposed services. The CCIDC “Consumer's Guide to Hiring a Certified Interior Designer” will help you understand Certified interior design services and to prevent any problems from occurring by providing:

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If you have a problem with your Certified Interior Designer, even after following the information in this guide, instructions and a form for filing a complaint are included. By carefully planning and thoroughly discussing your project beforehand with your Certified Interior Designer, you will hopefully avoid having to take this step.

We hope this guide will help you understand what a Certified Interior Designer is and how he/she can help you create an environment that is healthy, safe and attractive.

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