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California Council for Interior Design Certification
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How to File a Complaint

Fill out the complaint form provided in this guide (to be mailed or faxed to CCIDC) or  file a complaint on our Web site at Please supply evidence to support your complaint.

If you submit a letter, fully describe your complaint. Submit copies of all documentation that you believe will substantiate your complaint. Keep the originals of these documents, as well as a copy of your complaint letter. Include your name, address, and telephone number so that the CCIDC may contact you if more information is required

How will the CCIDC respond?
The CCIDC encourages mediation and will attempt to mediate your complaint when appropriate. You are encouraged to notify the CCIDC as early as possible, so the CCIDC staff can help you resolve the problem.

The CCIDC staff will review your complaint and, if it believes the complaint has merit, will notify you and begin to investigate the complaint. If the CCIDC determines that your complaint does not have merit, you will be notified of the reason(s).

The staff will begin the investigation by evaluating all aspects of your complaint. The CCIDC will ask you to provide as much information as possible before processing the complaint. CCIDC will contact the designer against whom the complaint is being made asking them to respond. A letter to both you and the Certified interior designer is sent out within 10 days of receipt of your complaint. The letter to CCIDC asks the Certified Interior Designer requests him or her to respond with an explanation of his or her side of the situation. The CCIDC gives priority to complaints involving a person's life, health, safety, or welfare.

Once the CCIDC staff have had an opportunity to evaluate both sides they will notify all involved parties of their recommendation for a possible solution. In some cases there may be no remedy, as in other cases, legal action on the part of the complainant may be warranted.

If disciplinary action is recommended against a Certified Interior Designer, the case is put before the entire CCIDC board of directors for review and approval. If the board approves a recommended disciplinary action, the designer is promptly notified and they have 10 days in which to file an appeal. If they choose to file a notice of appeal they have the right to come before the board at the next regularly scheduled board meeting in person to plead their case, as does the complainant at the same time. At that time, or within a suitable number of days afterward, the board will render a final decision.
Disciplinary action can range from suspension of a designers Certification, requirements for additional education to permanent revocation of their Certification.

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