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Design Fees and Project Funds

Before you sign the written agreement, it’s a good idea to clearly establish the total amount of money (including contingency funds) you are willing to pay for the design and construction of your project, the number of payments you will make to your Certified Interior Designer, and the amounts and schedule for these payments. The fee schedule should be recorded accurately in the written agreement, and you should make each payment to the Certified Interior Designer as called for in the agreement.

If you have obtained a loan for your project, ensure that it covers both the cost of your Certified Interior Designer's services and the construction cost. Don't pay an excessive advance or retainer fee before services have commenced on your project. Don't make the final payment until the project is complete in accordance with your agreement and you are satisfied with the services your Certified Interior Designer has provided you. Also make sure you obtain all lien releases from all those who are engaged on your project, including your Certified Interior Designer and your contractor.

Careful planning and discussion with your Certified Interior Designer, as well as accurate record keeping, should prevent any fee disputes.

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