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California Council for Interior Design Certification
Provides for the protection, health, safety and welfare of the public by administering the California Certified Interior Designer Title Act.

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Consumer Alerts

The use of initials C.I.D. and the title Certified Interior Decorator
CCIDC is informed there are one or more interior decorator organizations unlawfully representing people who pass their "educational program" may use the appellation "C.I.D," or title "Certified Interior Decorator," in professional circumstances in California. All such organizations are not related to, associated with, or approved by CCIDC.

CCIDC certifies interior designers under California law.
C.I.D. has no legal recognition in any state, under any law,whatsoever.

CCIDC is further taking action to halt these organizations from the continued misleading misrepresentations intentionally or misleadingly resulting in consumer confusion between interior decorators and Certified Interior Designers certified by CCIDC. These interior decorator organizations are not approved as certifying organizations by the California Legislature, unlike CCIDC which is approved by the California Legislature as a certifying organization.

In this California industry, only Certified Interior Designers certified by CCIDC have the legal right to use the professional title "CID." All interior designers certified by CCIDC must prove they have the required education and experience, and satisfactorily pass required examinations, in accordance with California law (Section 5800 et seq of the California Civil Code) in order to be certified by CCIDC.

A Certified Interior Designer who is certified by CCIDC is also required to adhere to a strict Code of Ethics.
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