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California Council for Interior Design Certification
Provides for the protection, health, safety and welfare of the public by administering the California Certified Interior Designer Title Act.

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Remodeling and Home Design

For California  Building Officials

CCIDC is a member of California Building Officials (CALBO).
We outreach to CALBO on behalf of Certified Interior Designers to help building officials understand the scope of  work a Certified Interior Designer can perform.

California Building Department Listings are links to city, county and town building & safety departments for permit application information.

The Q&A defines what a Certified Interior Designer is and why they are qualified to submit their nonstructural drawings for Plan Check.

The Senate letter is a reproduction of the original letter written specifically to California Building Officials by Senator William A. Craven, sponsor of SB 153 which was chaptered into law under Business & Professions Code Section 5800 as the Certified Interior Designers Law. This letter explains the intent of the law and how it applies to the plan check process for all building departments in California .

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