CCIDC Sunset Review November 2016

As written into statute CCIDC is required to provide the California legislature with a detailed report on its activities every five years, or as determined by the legislature. This is the same Sunset Review process that all state boards and commissions in California must submit to, as well as all private boards.

The purpose of this report is to reassure the legislature that CCIDC has been carrying out its duties and responsibilities in accordance with BPC 5800 and to renew the certified interior designer Title Act for another five years. The current Title Act expires on January 1, 2018. The report also provides the opportunity for the CCIDC board to address any past legislative issues associated with the current Title Act, and to inform the legislature of any new legislative issues identified by CCIDC. It is also an opportunity to educate both the legislators and legislative staff on the profession of certified interior designers.

You can review a complete copy of the CCIDC Sunset Review report
here. (12 MB .pdf)

The next step in the Sunset Review process will be for CCIDC to respond to questions raised by the legislature based upon this report in preparation for a background paper to be prepared for a joint oversight hearing by the Senate Committee on Business, Professions and Economic Development and the Assembly Committee on Business, Professions and Consumer Protection. The date of this public hearing in the State Capitol will be announced at sometime early in the new year.


Because this report is 158 pages in length, it is not necessary for you to read the entire document.

The first 8 sections are specific to questions typically asked of all boards as a reporting mechanism so that the legislature can get an understanding of the board’s activities and functions over the past four or five years.

Of particular interest to CIDs will be:
-  Section 9 and Section 10.
-  Attachment A is the most significant one for CIDs on examinations.
Section 10 outlines new issues of concern to CIDs and the CCIDC board of directors.

If the board’s request for amendments to the CID statute are taken up in a committee bill later this year, CCIDC will be calling upon all CIDs and those interested in supporting those amendments, to contact their legislators and voice their opinions.

This is the fifth issue of Capitol Information for Designers.

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