Capitol News – April 2018

Welcome to the CCIDC electronic newsletter focused on topics affecting not just Certified Interior Designers (CID), but all interior design professionals in the State of California. Its purpose is to keep the record straight and dispel myths and misinformation swirling around the interior design profession. As a board that is subject to the legislature’s constant oversight and jurisdiction, CCIDC is committed to only disseminating the facts as they exist. We are your trusted source for information.

CCIDC Statement of Purpose

 CCIDC’s job, and the job of the board of directors who oversee CCIDC, is to carry out the requirements of the Certified Interior Designer statute, (under Section 5800 of the California Business & Professions Code), in accordance with the law and in accordance with the legislature’s mandate and requirements as expressed through the sunset review oversight process. Also mandated by law, CCIDC is a non-profit 501 (c)3 organization that is not allowed to engage in lobbying.


In 1991, Senate Bill 153 (Craven) became law and created the legal title of “Certified Interior Designer” (Section 5800 of the California Business & Professions Code). At that time, the legislature chose not to create a state board but instead allowed the profession to form its own nonprofit board to administer the CID law.

Innovative Concept
The unprecedented creation of CCIDC as California’s first, nonprofit board started a trend for regulatory boards. The California legislature has thus far created *five non-profit certification boards where they deemed it unnecessary to warrant operation by the state or by the Department of Consumer Affairs. Private boards are not a burden on taxpayers as we are supported by our respective professions’ certification fees.

* Non-Profit boards created in California. Certified Industrial Hygienists – BPC Section 20700
Registered Tax Preparers – BPC Section 22250
Certified Massage Therapists – BPC Section 4600
Certified Common Interest Development Managers – BPC Section 11500
Certified Interior Designers – BPC Section 5800


Like all State boards and non-profit boards, CCIDC is accountable to the sunset review process enacted by both the Assembly and Senate of the California legislature.  They are reviewed every 5 years, or as determined by the legislature for compliance with the statute they administer and are subject to sunset (elimination) if determined to be out of compliance.  CCIDC is also subject to the Bagley–Keene Act, a statute specifically enacted only for the operational oversight of all California State boards and commissions.