Commercial Designation for CIDs is Now Available!

/, IDEX/Commercial Designation for CIDs is Now Available!

Commercial Designation for CIDs is Now Available!

Certified Interior Designer Commercial Designation


The purpose of this program is to allow building officials to identify individuals (CIDs) who have prepared non-structural, non-seismic commercial tenant improvement plans in accordance with Sections 5537 and 5538 of the CBPC that do not require an architect or engineers stamp or signature who are submitting said plans for the purpose of obtaining a building permit.


Some Building Departments have routinely denied the submission of non-structural, non-seismic tenant improvement plan check submission, especially for work in hi-rise office buildings, even though the design work is exempt under Sections 5537 and 5538 of the CBPC. When turned away designers are forced to seek the services of a licensed architect or structural or civil engineer incurring delays and additional consumer costs.

  • Who is it for?
    • For Interior Designers who primarily engage in commercial design
    • For  Interior Designers who submit drawings to building departments for commercial projects
    • For Interior Designers who want an additional commercial designation to their certification

Requirements to Obtain the Commercial Designation

  • CIDs must currently be in good standing, and complete requirements within 6 months of application submission.
  • Provide proof of passing one of the following examinations, to qualify:
    • ARE      CQRID      NCARB      NCBDC      NCIDQ       NKBA-(CKBD)
  • Designers not-yet certified must also pass the IDEX California® Exam**
  • Provide proof of passing the following California Based, International Codes Council (ICC) Courses, to qualify:
    • Building 101: Building Department Overview
    • California Building Code Essentials
    • CBC/CFC Means of Egress
    • California Building Code Title 24 Regulations
    • CBC Chapter 11B: Accessibility in Public Buildings, Public Accommodations, Commercial Buildings
    • CCIDC is working directly with the International Codes Council – ICC, to provide these courses. Information to follow via CCIDC eNews!
  • Commercial Interior Designers who are not-yet certified can apply for certification with the commercial designation through Path 4
  • The Application fee for Interior Designers not currently certified, applying through  Path 4 is $500.00 paid at the time of application submission.
    • Fee is for Application and IDEX Exam Registration only
  • CID Application Fee $75 – until December 31, 2017 (fee increases to $100 on January 1, 2018).
    • Fee includes new Commercial Designation ID Card and Stamp upon completion/approval.
  • 2-Year Certification and Renewal Fees will be the same for all Certified Interior Designers.
  • Commercial Designation CEU Requirements: 10 Hours per 2-Year Certification Period.
    • Five of the 10 CEU hours MUST be CA code specific courses
  • This Designation is voluntary and not required for CIDs who do commercial design.
    • This designation is to assist in the identification of CIDs who’s primary focus of practice is in commercial design.
    • Not a guarantee that plans will be reviewed
    • This is not intended as a fix-all for plan submission uniformity
      • It is only one of many steps in the process to affect change.


CCIDC provides a means for building officials to check on the CCIDC web site that such individuals are CIDs and do hold this extra credential and are current with their certification. CCIDC provides a stamp and ID Card that denotes the commercial designation (covered with the application fee).









NOTE: Current CIDs, in good standing, who apply and complete the process BEFORE December 31, 2019 do NOT need to provide proof of National Exam passage. The application fee and completion of listed ICC Courses shall be sufficient to obtain the Commercial Designation. APPLY NOW to take advantage of this CID Special Promotion!

For current CIDs to apply: Login to your CID Account to pay application fee. You will have six months from receipt of application payment to submit proof of course completion. CCIDC will respond to your application once received via email.

Commercial Interior Designers who are not-yet certified can apply for certification with the commercial designation through Path 4.

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