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CCIDC eNews ~ April 2012

Date: April 8th 2012

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California Council for Interior Design Certification
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April, 2012
News for Certified Interior Designers



   Frequently Asked Questions
on Certification and Registration

Q �I�m a �Certified Interior Designer�. Are my opportunities to practice interior design limited?

A �CCIDC is not aware of any limitations for you to practice non-structural and non-seismic interior design. Nothing in the current certification statute prevents anyone from working to their full capacity or prevents them from working as an interior designer or calling themselves an interior designer.  There are currently a few building departments who are inconsistent in their acceptance of interior design documents for permit, however, this is, and always has been, up to each individual building department.

Q � If we become state �registered� we will be able to submit our plans to every California building department for permits?

A � It is not, and never will be, written into any statute in California that being �registered�, would automatically grant you the right to submit plans or have your plans accepted for a building permit. If interior designers were �registered�, this will not change who can or who cannot submit plans for permits. Every individual building department has their own standards for permit submissions as they deem necessary for the safety of the public. It does not matter whether you are certified, licensed, or registered, the building official makes the final decision.

In fact, the architect�s practice act and the engineer�s practice act are not uniformly accepted either. There are over 450 building department jurisdictions in California, probably more than any other state. Once again, each individual building department has the authority and responsibility under the California Building Code to protect the health, safety and welfare of their entire community. The only person who has the final say on who can, and who can�t, submit plans for plan check and permits is the local building official, no one else. Architects get turned down all the time by building departments requiring a higher level of oversight like that of a structural or civil engineer.

That said, CCIDC does offer help if your stamped plans are turned away at the plan check counter. We encourage CIDs to use the �
Plan Check Denial� link on our web site. Upon submitting the form, CCIDC will engage with the local building department on your behalf to help you with your plan check submission. This free service is available only to current �Certified Interior Designers� and in most cases helps the CID as we assist in educating building officials of your professional credential.

Further, CALBO published the �Building Official Guide to Licensing Requirements� to clarify all licensing, registration and certification requirements in California and it includes a complete section on Certified Interior Designers and CCIDC. This guide is available for purchase, and you can take it to your local building official to show them �Certified Interior Designer� practice requirements (pp. 89) Here is the CALBO Publication Order form:

Q � Is Certification in California different than other states that have adopted a state run board?

A � The only difference between CID law and other states is that CCIDC is not funded by taxpayers. In all other respects, CID law and CCIDC are just like other state laws with a state run board. �Certified Interior Designer� is a 20 year old title written into state statute in Chapter 3.9, Section 5800 of the California Business and Professions Code. The state regulates this statute, just as they do with all laws. CCIDC, the board that administers Certification is accountable to the state of California [ref. Section 5810(a) ]. CCIDC, like all other state and private boards that are written into California statute, are subject to the
Sunset Review process.

Q � Are interior designers, including CIDs, limited to work in commercial buildings that are less than two stories in height?

A �
No, all interior designers, including CIDs, can do all work that is allowed under Sections 5537 and 5538 of the Architects Practice Act, meaning: anyone can submit plans for a building permit as long as the work does not exceed that which is described. This includes commercial design work in high-rise buildings that is non-structural and non-seismic, and does not adversely affect the safety of the building. If the work does exceed that as described under these exemptions, and is structural and/or seismic, then they are practicing architecture, or engineering, without a license.  Always check with your local building official first.

Q � Would state licensing provide a level of accountability and protection for consumers? 

A �Certification already provides accountability and protection for consumers by identifying those who have met the statutory requirements to use the title �Certified Interior Designer�. Certification ensures that Certified Interior Designers are trained to protect the public by administering a complete set of qualification standards written into statute, a code of ethics and conduct, and mandatory continuing education for certification renewal. California is the only state that administers a code compliant examination specific to that state. All other states use a general knowledge national interior design examination that does not address codes to the extent and specificity of the California examination. Beyond this, citing and imposing fines on interior designers are the requirements of a practice act.

Q � Do I need to pass the NCIDQ to participate in federal or state contracts?

A � No you do not.  Government documents indicate they want interior designers that are either certified by the NCIDQ, or state and/ or jurisdiction Certified, Registered, or Licensed. This applies to State contracts as well. If you are a �Certified Interior Designer� in California, you are jurisdiction Certified.

Despite what the above excerpt (from a Federal contract) says, NCIDQ does not certify anyone, legally or otherwise. Designers who pass the private NCIDQ exam are deemed �certificate holders�. There are many Certified Interior Designers in California that work exclusively on Federal and State projects. Furthermore, there is no Federal law in place that prohibits interior designers from working on Federal projects.

Q �Is CCIDC �self-certification�?

A �No!  Interior designers cannot �self-certify� themselves.  

Q � Can you tell me why California uses the IDEX® exam and other states use the NCIDQ?

A � Because of strict California codes, CCIDC developed the IDEX® California examination in conjunction with Castle Worldwide, one of the largest psychometric test development companies in the world. With the expertise and total supervision of Castle Worldwide, the IDEX® California exam was written and developed by a group of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) comprised of experienced Certified Interior Designers, Licensed Architects, Professional Engineers, Licensed Contractors, Certified Building Officials, Fire Marshals, and interior design educators.

Unlike the NCIDQ, the IDEX
® exam tests on California-specific codes, Title 24, ethics, business practices, design theory and more. Students can take the exam right out of school after graduation (just like the Bar examination or the Architects Registration Examination). Passing the IDEX® California does not make one a Certified Interior Designer as all other requirements for education and work experience have to be satisfied as well.

It should be noted, as well, that any interior designer can also take the NCIDQ if they wish to, for any professional reasons they may have,  except to become Certified under CBPC Sect. 5800. For legal certification, interior designers must pass the IDEX
® exam.

Q �Are there other nonprofit Certification boards written into Calif. state law besides CCIDC?

A � Yes. There is the Registered Tax Preparers (CBPC Sect. 22250); the Certified Industrial Hygienists (CBPC Sect. 20700); the Common Interest Development Managers (CBPC Sect 11500); and the Certified Massage Therapists (CBPC Sect. 4600).

CCIDC was California's first nonprofit board written into the CBPC and we started a trend for regulatory boards where the legislature deemed it unnecessary to warrant direct supervision by the state or by the Department of Consumer Affairs, yet we do have state accountability and oversight through the Sunset Review process, the same as architects and engineers. Certification boards are not a burden on taxpayers as we are supported by our respective professions' certification fees.

this week
The Certification Law to be Discussed in
South San Francisco, Los Angeles and Cypress

The �Certified Interior Designer� law will be discussed in various locations across the state.
�Protect Your Rights� meetings are sponsored by CLCID and IDPC, and are in response to the recently introduced Assembly Bill 2482-Registered interior designers.

Designers, students and educators who wish to learn about the impact this legislation could have on their profession, or on their certification, are encouraged to attend one of the events scheduled below:

Monday, April 9, 2012  - South San Francisco - 11 am to 1:00 pm
�Protect Your Rights�
Dacor Showroom, 871 Dubuque Avenue, South San Francisco, CA 94080 
Guest Speakers: Patsy Zakian-Greenough, CCIDC and Ed Nagorsky, NKBA

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Los Angeles -  1:30 am to 3:00 pm
 �Protect Your Rights�
Liberty Hall at Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills, 6300 Forest Lawn Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90068
Guest Speakers: Rayne Sherman, CCIDC and Ed Nagorsky, NKBA

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - Cypress - 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
 �Protect Your Rights�
Crestron West, Inc. 5660 Katella Avenue, Suite 150A, Cypress, CA 90630
Guest Speakers: Doug Stead, CCIDC and Ed Nagorsky, NKBA

Thank you California Legislative Coalition for Interior Design (CLCID) in partnership with Interior Design Protection Consulting (IDPC). 

Links for more information:

California Legislative website
AB 2482 (Ma) -Registered interior designers. Bill was introduced February 24, 2012.

AB 2482 and the interior design profession

Individual Certified Interior Designers are free to write letters to their Assembly member
regarding this proposed legislation, if they so wish. 

CCIDC Annual Board Meeting + CEU

Our annual board meeting + CEU will be on:
Saturday, May 12, 2012

Costa Mesa Marriott
500 Anton Boulevard
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Hotel phone: 714.444.8280
Hotel fax: 714.444.8207

Board Meeting Schedule
9:00 am -Disciplinary proceedings  (Closed session)
10:00 am - 12:00 noon is the public portion of our meeting
12:00 noon - Break for lunch
1:30 pm - 3:30 CEU presentation (to be announced)

Our board meetings and CEUs are open to interior design professionals, students, and to the general public.


Discussing Certification in Public or Student Forums

When you plan a public or student forum and want to explore the pros and cons of certification, you owe it to your audience to have the correct information presented to them.

CCIDC is more than happy to speak with professional interior designers and students on Certification, the title "Certified Interior Designer" and the CID law under California Business & Professions Code 5800, etc.

We are a transparent and ethical organization that will tell you what certification is, and what it isn't, and we will answer all your questions openly and honestly.

invite us to speak at your meetings and forums when you want to be informed about CCIDC and receive free brochures on certification. Anything less, is undeserving of your audience's time.

Prepare for the IDEX® California exam

Download our free IDEX® California Study Guide which gives you important information on the exam, test results, rules, schedule, etc.   NOTE: It is NOT a 'study manual' per se. For study materials and classes, please refer to the third-party list below.
Read our third party disclaimer:


IDEX Prep Online Class
Study online with 60 days of access. This comprehensive IDEX® California prep class is available anywhere you have an Internet connection. This course contains 34 presentations; 34 quizzes; 385 practice questions; over 65 multipage downloads (the equivalent of hundreds of reference pages); and a final quiz of 150 questions. You get 24+ hours of anytime learning and 2 months of access! Full syllabus on web site.
Study 24/7 when it is convenient for you! 
$195.00 - IDEX Prep Online / IDEX® Domains I, II and III. Best value.
$150.00 - California Codes / IDEX® Domain I only.
$100.00 - Business Practices & Design Standards /IDEX® Domains II & III only.

Prepare for the California Interior Design Exam (IDEX  California) with a concise, interactive, 8-hour class that focuses on the exam. Included are over 80 pages of handout information plus follow-up.
Class is in: San Francisco area on Sat. April 21, 2012
$296.00 special early bird fee ends 12 days prior to class.
$326.00 regular fee

Custom IDEX California Review Course (No. Calif.)
Class will be custom-scheduled in April in Northern California. This one-day class includes: .8 CEUs; take-home flash-drive with additional materials, including outlines and links; visual aids, humor and efficient coverage of material; familiarity with exam topics, clear explanations for trickier concepts; proven methods to max your prep time, remember, and be confident on test day; topics include building codes, ethics, business practices, contracts, fire safety, access, green issues and more.
E-mail Deborah Ogden, CID at with IDEX in the subject line and let her know when you want your class.
$295.00 for registered early birds
$325.00 if you register less that 7 days in advance


2011 California Codes and Regulations for Interior Designers Reference Manual
This 4th edition was revised to reflect the CAL Green mandatory regulations. Additional changes, found in this edition, are in graphics and improved formatting which will make the material easier to follow. This illustrated manual is 322 pages and was updated in May 2011. It is a great resource for studying for the IDEX California as well as a great reference manual for all interior design projects.
$109 plus tax and shipping.  

IDEX Essentials: The Power to Pass the IDEX California Exam
by David Kent Ballast, FAIA, NCIDQ Certificate No. 9425. Provides a thorough review of each of the IDEX California exam's three domains. IDEX Essentials covers everything interior designers need to know about the 2007 California Building Code, business practices, ethics, and design standards.
$109.95 plus handling, tax and shipping

Free Marketing Tools for Certified Interior Designers

ABC Brochure - �Answers & Basics for Consumers� is available to print online or you may request 10 printed copies "free of charge� by sending an E-mail or checking the box at the bottom of your certification renewal notice.

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