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CCIDC eNews ~ September 2009

Date: September 10th 2009

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September, 2009
News for Certified Interior Designers,
Interior Designers and Students


Sacramento Board Meeting + Color CEU - Join us on Sat., Sept. 19, 2009!

AB 1071 - Extending Certified Interior Designer Law

* State Board of Equalization Special Notice- New Use Tax Registration and Reporting

* IDEX Study Materials

* Register for the May IDEX exam

* Why you should become a CID

* Marketing Tools for CIDs

* Add �n track your CEUs

* Reminder: Important new change to �Inactive� status for CIDs

Sacramento Board Meeting + Color CEU
Saturday, September 19, 2009

Join us in Sacramento for our next regular board meeting and Color CEU

1230 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 447-1700

 9:00 am - Disciplinary proceedings  (Closed session)
10:00 am - 12:00 noon is the public portion of our meeting
12:00 noon - Break for lunch
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm 
Color Trends for 2009 through 2011, plus Psychology of Color
Instructor: Zara Stender, CID #6025

Part One: Trends and the Function of Color. Zara Stender tracks national and international color trends and forecasts as a leader in Color Marketing Group, one of the foremost authorities on the impact of color. Stender will explain how color trends evolve, and discuss direction in color for fashion, durable goods, the built environment, and why successful color must follow function.
Part Two: Psychology of Color Do people really spend more money when they are surrounded by red and purple? Color is a powerful, often misunderstood tool. It has biological and physiological influence on mood, energy, appetite, pain perception, hot and cold sensation, taste, I.Q. scores, and, yes, buying decisions. Explore the biological and psychological impact of color. Do people really spend more money when they are surrounded by red and purple? Color is a powerful, often misunderstood tool. It has biological and physiological influence on mood, energy, appetite, pain perception, hot and cold sensation, taste, I.Q. scores, and, yes, buying decisions.

Instructor Zara Stender is a Certified Interior Designer with over thirty years of applied research on color in the built environment. She brings new life and practical anecdotes to her informative and entertaining interactive color lectures. Zara is a Chair holder with the Color Marketing Group (CMG), an international, not-for-profit Association of 1,500 Color Designers. She is the author of �Color Secret�s Revealed!�, �What Top Designers Know About Color�  and �The Business of Color.�

Register by Thursday, Sept. 17 for $30.00
After Sept. 17th, please pay at the door: $40.00
Credit 2 hours CCIDC; 2.0 LU HSW; .2 CEU HSW

It is not mandatory to attend our board meeting to attend our Color CEU.

This seminar is open to interior design professionals and students as well as the general public.

AB 1071 - Extending Certified Interior Designer Law
The current Sunset provisions in Section 5800 - 5812 of the Certified Interior Designers law, which expires on January 1, 2010, is being extended to January 1, 2013 in AB 1071. The bill is on the Assembly floor for a final vote and will be on the Governor's desk for signature shortly thereafter and is fully expected to be signed into law. Included in AB 1071 are all of the medical board Sunset extensions in California (such as the Medical Board of California, Board of Pharmacy, Board of Registered Nursing and others).

State Board of Equalization Special Notice - New Use Tax Registration and Reporting Requirements
The State Board of Equalization has announced New Registration Requirements for Qualified Purchasers to Report Use Tax. Below you will find a brief summary, and link to the Board's "Special Notice" which states the guidelines:
New legislation, Assembly Bill x4 18 (Stats. 2009, Ch. 16), added section 6225 of the Revenue and Taxation Code which requires a �qualified purchaser� to register with the Board of Equalization and report and pay use tax directly to the Board of Equalization.  Under this section, a �qualified purchaser� includes businesses with at least $100,000 in annual gross receipts from business operations.

If sales tax would apply when a particular item is purchased in California, use tax applies when a similar purchase is made from a retailer outside the state and no tax is charged.  Use tax is not a new tax. It has been part of the Revenue and Taxation Code since the 1930�s. Only the registration requirement is new under AB x4 18.

The Board of Equalization has drafted a special notice with information regarding the new use tax registration requirements for qualified purchasers.  The special notice, along with a use tax registration form, is available at the following link:

If you have any questions, please contact the BOE Taxpayer Information Section at 800-400-7115 (TDD/TTY: 800-735-2929).

IDEX Study Materials

"California Codes and Regulations for Interior Designers Resource Manual"
$158.00 including tax and shipping (save $58.00 when purchasing the IDEX CA Prep Class)

"The official IDEX CA Prep Program" - a one day comprehensive class in Los Angeles on September 12. SPECIAL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE PRICE when you purchase both the study class and codes manual: IDEX CA Prep Program Study Class $295.00 + Calif. Codes and Regulations Manual $66.60 +Frt/hdl + sales tax $33.40 TOTAL PACKAGE PRICE IS $395.00 (lunch add $25.00)

"IDEXPrep eGuide"  - a downloadable resource for just about everything you�ll need to study for the IDEX exam. Reference CBC-California Building Codes, disabled access drawings, technical bulletins, page numbers of what to read in the IDEX reference books and many other valuable resources.

IDEX Reference Books
This Amazon affiliate is for new & used IDEX reference books  

Register for the May 2010 IDEX exam
March 1, 2010, is the deadline to register for the May 2010 exam . Register now to have plenty of time to study and to get your paperwork in.

Download CCIDC�s "Official" IDEX California Study Guide
This is a free, 32-page .pdf that provides information on the exam schedule, rules, release of results, exam format, content and sample questions.

Read our IDEX California® FAQ:  

To receive the latest IDEX California
® news, please fill out this form.

Why you should become a CID

        IDEX California - a new path to Certification

For those reading this who are not Certified Interior Designers, now is the perfect time to become one, especially if you are an experienced designer who never attended a design school, and missed out on the "Grand parenting" window from 1992 to 1994.
If you missed that opportunity you know that for many years the only way to become certified was to take an expensive national examination (CQRID, NCIDQ, NKBA) and the California Codes and Regulations Examination (CCRE). In some cases the national exams would not allow you to take them without a minimum of formal interior design education and work experience that came after the education and had to be under a specific design professional. This is no longer the case. You can now become a "Certified Interior Designer" by taking one relatively inexpensive examination that has very minimal registration requirements (5 years working experience or 2 years of education) that test you on California codes and Title 24, the very codes and regulations you work with every day. The national examinations do not test candidates on California codes, laws, and regulations. This examination is brand new and is called the IDEX California. The national examinations are interior design examinations; the IDEX California is a �certification� examination.
Read more about the IDEX California exam today


Marketing tools for Certified Interior Designers

ABC Brochure - �Answers & Basics for Consumers� is available to print online or you may request 10 printed copies "free of charge� by sending an E-mail or checking the box at the bottom of your certification renewal notice.

Hiring an Interior Designer? Make sure they�re Certified!

The Most Common Mistakes People Make When Hiring an Interior Designer

Consumer's Guide to Hiring a Certified Interior Designer

The Difference Between a Decorator and an Interior Designer

A CID's Code of Ethics and Conduct

The Certified Interior Designer Pages
Help a Client Find YOU for Their Next Project!

Add �n track your CEU�s  - It�s easy, fun and it�s free!
Here�s a great way for you to report your CEU�s (and your Change of Address) to CCIDC.
No more $12.00 reporting fees to other organizations!.

Create your own CEU Registry. You provide a login name and password, then you can access your account 24/7.  Your account keeps all your CEU courses in one place, so you�ll never have to wonder how many you�ve taken.

Register today for your free account! It takes one minute, and you can enter your CEUs later.  You can even enter CEUs that you�ve taken since 1995. 

Partial view of inside the CEU Registry)

Did you know? If you are a member of a design organization, you can report your CEU�s directly to them for no charge.  CIDs are required to have 1.0 credit (10 hours) for every two years of Certification (equiv. to .5 credits = 5 hours each year). Catch up on your CEU�s by taking some of these free or low cost courses - many are offered online.

Reminder: Important new change to �Inactive� status for CIDs

In line with California licensing boards, the CCIDC Board of Directors recently voted to eliminate the "Inactive� status. As of December 31, 2009, the "Inactive� status will no longer be available.

CIDs who paid for "Inactive� status in 2009 will be able to apply their $25.00 payment towards their two-year renewal fee of $250.00 in 2010, thus becoming "Current".

After December 31, 2009, anyone who hasn't paid their certification renewal fee will become "Delinquent" and it will be so noted on the CCIDC web site. When a designer wants to become "Current" they will be required to pay all past unpaid fees back to their expiration date, plus the two years in advance normally due upon renewal. If they remain "Delinquent" for more than 4 years then they will automatically become "Expired".
"Expired" Certified Interior Designers will have to reapply and complete a new application and will also be required to take and pass the IDEX California examination.

Any currently "Expired" CIDs have until December 31, 2009 to
reactivate their certification, otherwise they will become "Delinquent" under the above policy and will be subject to paying all past unpaid fees or becoming "Expired" under the new rules.

Certification Renewal ($250.00) - For current CIDs or those who have previously been approved �inactive� and wish to reinstate Certification status for two years. If you paid for �inactive� status in 2009, CCIDC will credit your $25.00 after you renew online.

Certification Reactivation ($350.00) - For expired CIDs to reactivate Certification for two years.

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