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CCIDC eNews ~ November 2008

Date: November 26th 2008

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News for Certified Interior Designers

Happy Thanksgiving!

Update on IDEX California®, our new �single� certification exam
The IDEX task force and subject matter experts recently met in Costa Mesa on November 14-16, 2008 to start the item/question-writing process.

The first order of business established the list of reference materials that the new item/questions will be written from (the numbers are out of order as item 23 was identified as an added document after the list was initially formed). You can now view a copy of the
final Reference List here.

All of the old items from the CCRE were evaluated to see if any could be reused or rewritten for the new examination. Parts of the CCRE, such as those on ethics, business practices, California laws, etc., have not changed and could possibly be re-used in the IDEX which is very specific to California.

The codes portion of IDEX is the part that has been completely changed due to the adoption of new building codes in California at the first of this year. This is where the task force has to concentrate most of its efforts on writing new items, along with the added new domain on design standards.

A complete breakdown of the Domains and Tasks, plus Knowledge areas, for the IDEX can be seen in the
IDEX Classification System on our Web site.

The new application forms for becoming a Certified Interior Designer and registration forms for the IDEX will be posted on the CCIDC web site within the next week or so. If you have filled out and submitted an "IDEX Interest Form" you will be notified by E-mail when they will become available.

Work is also progressing on the "study resource manual" along with plans for online webinars for IDEX candidates and in-person prep classes. CCIDC will also prepare a curriculum synopsis for all interior design schools in California so they can align their curriculum's if they so choose, so as to best prepare their graduates for the IDEX-California
® upon graduation.

CCIDC has already lectured to interior design students at seven major design schools with three more being scheduled as this E-news goes to press. The response from students and faculty to the IDEX- California examination has been extremely positive, and over 300 IDEX interest forms have been received by CCIDC so far.

The item writing process being conducted by the subject matter experts will continue for the next several months through mid-February. There will be another IDEX task force meeting on March 6th through 8th, 2009 where the entire item bank will be re-evaluated and finalized in preparation for building the first IDEX-California
® examination. The goal of the task force and CCIDC is to have this examination ready to give over the month of May 2009, or thereabouts.

The new IDEX-California
® examination will comprise of 150 questions (see the Classification System for subject matter) and will last 3 hours. It will be given online only, at most, or possibly at all, of the 39 selected testing centers across California. It will be available over a 30-day period and candidates will receive a login I.D. and password and will be able to make an appointment at a local testing center at their convenience. This should make the IDEX very accessible to all candidates across the state and possibly across the entire country.

Note: If you are planning to take one of the national exams for any other reason, such as becoming a "Professional member� of an association such as ASID or IIDA, or for regulatory reasons in another state, then you should continue on that path. You will still have to take and pass the IDEX-California® to become Certified by CCIDC.

To receive further news on IDEX-California
®, simply fill in this form. This is a separate list only for those interested in taking the new exam. If you have already filled it in, no need to do it again.

The last and final CCRE was given on October 18, 2009
119 candidates took the exam with 99 passing, giving it an 83% pass rate. The rate is high due to many candidates taking it for the second or third time and were determined to pass knowing it was the last time we were going to give it. CCIDC will honor all those who have taken and passed any of the CCRE's given over the past 8 years along with one of the three national exams (CQRID, NCIDQ, NKBA) for certification through to the end of 2012 (December 31, 2012). After that the only examination that will be accepted in California for certification will be the IDEX-California®. For more information on the CCRE, click here.

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Color Trends CEU at January Board Meeting  - San Diego
We are planning another Color Trends CEU in San Diego on January 24th, 2009 at the Hilton Hotel in Mission Bay. This is where the next board meeting will be held, and then Orange County on May 2nd, 2009 and San Francisco on September 19th, 2009. There may be other locations which will be announced later. The costs will be $30 for early registration; $40 at the door.
For details on this popular CEU click here.

CCIDC Annual Board Meeting Minutes
Our May 2008 Annual Board Meeting Minutes are now online.

Calbo & ICC Team Up for Webinar on California & Federal Accessibility
California Building Code and Federal Accessibility Requirements
Instructors: Dan Kaiser and Kim Paarlberg
Date given: December 5, 2008

Announcements from State Agencies:

The Division of the State Architect (DSA) Announces 2009 CASp Exam Dates
The Certified Access Specialist (CASp) Examination dates have been set for 2009. The dates are March 23, 2009 and August 24, 2009.  For more program information, please visit To inquire about the DSA�s Certified Access Specialist program, email

Office of State Fire Marshall (OSFM)
There is a conflict between Title 19 and the 2007 California Fire Code relating to Decorative Vegetation in New and Existing Buildings. The Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) has recently identified a conflict between CCR, Title 19, Section 3.08 and the 2007 California Fire Code Section 806 relating to �Decorative Vegetation in New and Existing Buildings�. OSFM has released an Information Bulletin (IB) that addresses the issue.  OSFM has also included this information in the �Hot Topics� area on the OSFM web site. Here is a link to the bulletin:

CCIDC note to designers/specifiers. Until this conflict is resolved, continue to follow Title 19 (and not the 2007 fire code).  

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

CCIDC will be closed Nov. 27-28 and will return Monday, Dec. 1st.

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