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CCIDC eNews will send out periodic announcements and updates about the California Council for Interior Design Certification.

Last Message: Survey on Commercial CID

ccid-survey View this e-mail as a Web *California **C**ouncil for **I**nterior **D**esign Certification  *Administers the Certified Interior Designer Title Act California Business and Professions Code: /Chapter 3.9, Sect.5800.Certification by C//CID//C is the highest standard of professionalism for interior designers in the State of California. /1605 Grand Avenue  - Suite 4San Marcos, CA ...


CCIDC Sunset Review News

This CCIDC newsletter will inform readers about legislative activities that affects Certified Interior Designers (CID) and all interior design professionals in the state of California. This newsletter is your trusted source of accurate information.

Last Message: Issue #6 - Sunset Review News

march-28-2017 *SUNSET REVIEW PROGRESS REPORT*** *CCIDC has now completed the first and second phases of the Sunset Review process.* All California boards (both state-regulated and private non-profit) are required by law to go through Sunset Review every five years or so as determined by the state legislature. Our first phase concluded in late November 2016 with the submission of our Sunset Review report to the legislature. You can download it here. (12 MB .pdf)Our seco...